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These are the guys, past and present responsible for bringing the IFSJA to you!

FSJ-List Administrator Dennis "Doc" Fariello [BIO]
Webmaster & FSJ-List Moderator Adam Zeimet [BIO]
FSJ-List Moderator J.C. Jones [BIO]
FSJ-List Moderator Len Sullivan [BIO]
FSJ-List Moderator Landen Schooler [BIO]
IFSJA Librarian Zack Heisey [BIO]
IFSJA Willys Coordinator Bill "Willy" Trautman [EMAIL] [HOME PAGE]
European Regional Coordinator Frank Almaas [EMAIL] [HOME PAGE]
Red River Valley (US) Regional Coordinator Scott Spiva [EMAIL] [HOME PAGE]
Cornbelt (US) Regional Coordinator Alan Bennett [EMAIL] [HOME PAGE]
Midwest US Regional Coordinator - [EMAIL] [HOME PAGE]
Northeast US Regional Coordinator Steve Leven [EMAIL] [HOME PAGE]
Anzac (Australia / New Zealand) Regional Coordinator Rod Linnett [BIO]
Pacific North West (US) Regional Coordinator - [BIO]
Rocky Mountain Chapter/Colorado FSJ Association Michael Shimniok [EMAIL] [HOME PAGE]
Southwestern US Regional Coordinator Ken Wetherall [EMAIL] [HOME PAGE]
South East US Regional Coordinator Jeff Watts, Jr. [BIO]
Western Canada Regional Coordinator Ed Pedersen [EMAIL] [HOME PAGE]

Emergency Holographic Substitute Listserv Administration was provided when needed by John Meister.

Many, many thanks also to the many folks who have contributed articles, pictures, advice, etc., foremost among these at this time are (in no particular order, mind you) Michael Baxter, Ken Wetherall, Joe Sego, John Meister, and many, many more...

A Heartfelt Thanks and Eternal Gratitude to ListMom Emeritus Sam Wallace, who did a fine job of maintaining our list under less than ideal situations.

Thanks to John Meister for setting up the list on

Thanks to for providing our new listserv

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Special Thanks, Eternal Gratitute, and Best Wishes to the Founder of the Jeep-Fullsize Mailing List, Kevin Highsmith, wherever he may be.

More special thanks to Dennis "Doc" for running this site and listserv for 3 years and making this list/site what it is today.  We wouldn't be where we are today with out you Doc!

Our Very First Award - 25 January 1998

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