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Rod Linnett - Australian Regional Coordinator


Location: Australia
Favorite music: I like most/ all types of music really. e.g.T he Doors, Pink Floyd, Faith No More, Queen, Genesis, Phil Collins, Protege, just about most Aussie Bands on Triple J.
Favorite food: Most of 'em :-)
Favorite movie: Highlander, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Tank Girl.
Hobbies and interests: Canoeing, Camping, Cycling (Mountain Bike), Cars - ie FSJ's and Jeeps, one day I want and Willys Truck and a Military Jeep;   XY - XB Falcons, HR Holdens, VW Beetles, F100's


sorry, don't have one

FSJs owned: '79 Cherokee

What I Do For A Living
My official title is "Environment Officer - Noise" but in a nutshell I do all the noise measurement and assessments, Environmental and Occupational, for the BHP Port Kembla Steelworks which employs about 6500 people and 2000-3000 contractors. My background training is Fitting & Turning trade and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. How I got into acoustics I am still not sure, but I enjoy the work.

How I Got Stuck Doing This
Doc asked me to :-), No not really, well he suggested it, and I thought yeah ! why not ? this should be fun ! (and I was right )

What I Do For the IFSJA
Regional Co-ordinator for Australia and you know...stuff

Miscellaneous Fluff 'n Stuff
I am 28 years old (this July 1998), my partner has 4 children aged 14 to 20 (at time of writing, Jan 1998) from a previous marriage. We have a daughter 18 months old.  I live in Dapto, a suburb of Wollongong about 80km south of Sydney.

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