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JC Jones - FSJ-List Moderator

JC Jones

Location: Golden, Colorado
Favorite music: 50's & 60's Rock, Classical, and "Car Songs"
Favorite food: A good steak dinner
Favorite movie: The Matrix, Gone in 60 Seconds (Original Version)

Hobbies and interests: Computers, Linux, My Family, FSJ's, and 4x4 Cars (Modified).



FSJs currently owned: 1976 Wagoneer "Road Warrior", 1984 Grand Wagoneer "Eeyore"

What I Do For A Living
I am the Senior Software Engineer for a small AI software company in Golden Colorado. I also own Golden Computer Service, a web hosting and consulting company.

How I Got Stuck Doing This
I discovered one day that I was a moderator on the new email list at EGroups (YahooGroups).

What I Do For the IFSJA
I provide the web hosting for the IFSJA (, the CFSJA (, and other FSJ web sites. I attempt to help moderate the email list, and occasionally I post a helpful message to the list.

Miscellaneous Fluff 'n Stuff
I have had more vehicles than I can count. I enjoy designing and building radically modified 4x4 cars and trucks. I also really like any type of "techie" toys and gadgets.

Road Warrior
4x4 Olds
corner corner