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Q. What is a Full Size Jeep?

A. The easiest way to answer that is for you to click here.

Q. What is the International Full Size Jeep Association?

A. Click here to find out!

Q. What is the address to send messages to the list? What is the list Administrator's email address?

A. The address to send messages to the list is

The list Administrator's email address is

Q. I haven't gotten any mail from the list for a couple of days. Is there any way to find out why not?

A. First, click hereto check if you've been unsubscribed, or if the listserver is down. If that doesn't help, email the list administrator.

Q. My messages to the list aren't making it to the list? Why?

A. There are a couple of reasons why this could be happening. Here are the most common reasons, what the list administrator does about them, and what you need to do to correct them:

What the bounce says Why it bounced What the List Administrator does about it What you need to do about it
Message from non-subscriber The FSJ-List is a CLOSED list. This means that you must be subscribed to the list in order to post to it. Our anti-SPAM measures also require that the address you are subscribed with match the address you're sending mail to the list from EXACTLY. Your message is automatically deleted. If you are a subscriber, check the Listserver Status to see if the list is up. If you are not a subscriber, then in order to be able to post messages to the FSJ-List, you must subscribe.  If you're trying to post Unsolicited Commercial Email to the list, get lost.  If you are a member, you may have been unsubscribed automatically under certain conditions described below, i.e. mailbox full, user unknown, and some others.
Message too long >10000 characters You probably quoted an entire digest in your message, or tried to attach a picture to your message. There is a maximum allowable message size of 10k on the FSJ-List, anything larger than this will be rejected, and "bounced" to the list administrator Your message is automatically deleted. You need to edit your message and resubmit it to the list.
Mailbox Full Your mailbox is full. You will automatically be unsubscribed from the list. Catch up on your mail, then re-subscribe.
User Unknown Your ISP reports "User Unknown" You will automatically be unsubscribed from the list. Sometimes this is a temporary condition, caused by transient failure within your ISP, or other problems.  It is your responsibility to keep up with your ISP.  When the problem is resolved, you are of course welcome to re-subscribe.

Other "Message Undeliverable"

Sometimes an ISP will go down temporarily, or a failure in routing sometimes somewhere on the 'net between our list server and your ISP can cause messages to be undeliverable. We will normally wait a day or two to see if the problem corrects itself, which it usually will.  However, after a day or two of being inundated with "bounces" because of this, you will be unsubscribed. When the problem is resolved, please resubscribe.
Taboo header or taboo body Most likely you sent a message in RTF (rich text) or HTML Your message is automatically deleted. You need to set your email program properly and resubmit your message. Instructions on how to set your email program to send only plain text to the list.
Taboo header or taboo body This could also happen if you try to send messages about certain things to the list, namely common virus hoaxes. This is NOT censorship in any way, this is simply preventing the proliferation of phony virus warnings, and the massive amounts of traffic and debate they generate. We assure you, you will NEVER receive a valid virus warning via email from someone you don't know. Your message is automatically deleted. No action on your part is required. Resubmitting the same message will cause it to be deleted again.
Taboo header or taboo body Another one of these is the infamous "You've won a free.... (whatever)" chain letters. They have no place on the list. Your message is automatically deleted. Again, no action is required. Please do not resubmit your message.
Subscription/unsubscription/help requests Even though the introductory letter you receive from the list explains how to unsubscribe, and the weekly (or so) admin message also explains how, we still get folks who send requests to be unsubscribed or changed from one mode to another, etc, to the list. As is the practice on virtually all large Internet Mailing Lists, your request will be ignored. You need to either use the subscription/unsubscription form, or email with your request. Sending the command HELP to majordomo will give you instructions, if needed.
Subscription/unsubscription/help requests You used the word HELP in your message subject Like most of the aforementioned bounces, your message will likely be ignored and deleted. Please don't use the word HELP in your message subject line.
Subscription/unsubscription/help requests You used the word SUBSCRIBE somewhere in your message, but you weren't asking to unsubscribe. A feature of majordomo that bounces certain messages to the list administrator for action occasionally catches messages that should go straight to the list. As per above, your message will most likely be ignored and deleted. Try to avoid using the word "subscribe" anywhere in your messages.
Other Sometimes messages just bounce. It's rare, but it happens. Sometime for apparently no reason for all.  This is handled on a case-by-case basis by the List Administrator, depending upon what the nature of the bounce is, the history of your account, and other details.  Nobody is unsubscribed without cause, but sometimes it's necessary. In most cases, no action by you is required, the situation should remedy itself shortly.  However, there are cases in which the List Administrator must unsubscribe you, in which case, when the problem is resolved, you are of course welcome to resubscribe to the list.
I didn't get any bounce message, the message just never appeared Unfortunately, the Internet isn't quite perfect (yet). Sometimes servers go down, sometimes cables are cut, sometimes things just get lost. There's not a thing we can do about it. Nothing You need to wait a MINIMUM of FIVE DAYS before resubmitting your message. Most mail handlers will hold a message and keep retrying for between one and five days.

Q. Why was I unsubscribed from the list? I didn't ask to be unsubscribed!

A. This sometimes happens when your mailbox is full, or if your server is down. Normal operating procedure is to unsubscribe members whose accounts cause multiple bounced messages, to limit the load on the server, and the list administrator. There is no penalty or anything like that, simply re-subscribe when you catch up on your messages. We STRONGLY recommend you subscribe to fsj-list-digest rather than fsj-list, this will DRASTICALLY cut down on the number of messages you recieve. In case of problems or questions, please email the list administrator.

Normal procedure is this:

  • Immediately upon receipt of "bounced" messages for a full mailbox, or "user unknown", you will be unsubscribed from the list.
  • In the case of a server being down, we normally wait a day or two to see if the problem resolves itself, which it usually does.  After a day or two, we are forced to unsubscribe you.
  • You are quite welcome to re-subscribe once the problem has been corrected.

Q. Are there any special requirements or restrictions on membership/subscription?

A. Well, yes and no... there really aren't, but if your email account is with Juno, you really really need to stay on top of your mail, as Juno mailboxes are VERY small. We prefer that Juno subscribers do NOT attempt to subscribe to the mailing list.. This also applies to basically all "free" email accounts - Juno, Hotmail, Yahoo, Iname, etc. In addition there are some domains that are known spam houses, these are blocked from the list, so if you're on one, you won't be able to post to the list. This list changes occasionally, so if you're having problems, check with the list administrator.

Q. You guys don't behave like they do on other lists. There is too much silliness, etc. on here. What are the rules for the listserv?

A. We , the owners and enthusiasts of Full Size Jeeps, in order to profligate our chosen beasts of burdens, promote harmony and peace among ourselves and those wishing to participate, and warn the unwary, hereby present these RULES FOR THE FSJ-LIST:

  • PLEASE DO feel free to tell us all about you and your truck.
  • PLEASE DO NOT inundate us with tales of your XJs, YJs, etc. There are other fine lists extant for these, please utilize them. We don't at all mind an occasional foray off-track, many of us have other interests outside of FSJ's (and if you DON'T have any other interests at all, I feel sorry for you... get a life), and we like to share somewhat, but PLEASE let it drop after a couple of messages and/or days, especially if you start to sense grumblings amongst the denizens of the list.
  • PLEASE DO tell us about trails, wierd experiences, etc. We value and enjoy these very much.
  • If you don't like something or someone you see on the listserv, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:
    • Wait it out for a couple of days. Most of the time it's just a quirk, a minor aberration, for which we are notorious and have no real intention of eliminating totally. But there are indeed limits to what is reasonable.
    • Tell the person(s) involved VIA DIRECT EMAIL. We really don't need fifty messages saying "USE THE DELETE KEY" or "KNOCK IT OFF" or whatever. PLEASE. BE NICE! We don't flame here, whether on the list or off. Just a friendly "hey, bud, take it easy" is normally sufficient.
    • If that doesn't work, please contact the fsj-list administrator VIA DIRECT EMAIL:
      and we'll do what we can to alleviate the problem, or reach a happy medium ground.
  • As an addendum to the above, let me state and warn y'all... THIS IS *NOT* YOUR AVERAGE LISTSERV. Our vehicles are unusual, we in general are unusual, PLEASE DO *NOT* expect us to look and/or behave like you've seen on other listservs. Silliness is rampant, and WILL NOT be summarily squelched. Expect it, deal with it, and if you don't like it, PLEASE just go elsewhere. We WILL make an effort to not be excessive. If you feel that it is excessive, please follow the steps in section 4) above.
  • To help alleviate some of the traffic, let me suggest these guidelines regarding technical questions on the listserv. Of course, that's FIRST and FOREMOST why we're here! But we've got web sites set-up with quite a bit of information on them, from the "official" IFSJA site to the Off-Road FSJ site, to others' personal sites (such as Michael Baxter's) with outstanding tech stuff on them. PLEASE DO check one or more of the sites for what you're looking for FIRST, if you have the capability. This is not an absolute, guys, this is just a suggestion.
  • PLEASE DO NOT quote entire messages in your replies, especially longer messages. It only takes a couple of second to go through your reply and edit it. If this is really a problem, as in either your software doesn't have the capability, or you don't know how, PLEASE DO ask us VIA DIRECT EMAIL and I'll do my best to either help you, or at least I'll know that you can't do anything about it, and I'll stop yelling at you for it... (grin).
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