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727 Auto Tranny Vent Relocation

Contributed By: widetrk581

The vent on an AMC torque command ( recased Chrysler Torqueflight) is right behind the torque convertor in the front pump housing. To move the vent to a location more suitable for an offroad vehichle requires that the transmission be removed from the vehicle, and dissassembled. I relocated mine during the rebuilding process.

With the components removed form the inside of the transmission, use a 3/16 by 16 T.P.I. tap to cut a few threads into the OLD vent hole. Then use a 3/8 IN by 16 T.P.I. allen key plug ( The shortest I cold find was 3/8 of an inch long, a hair longer than needed) to plug the OLD vent. There is only room for a few threads so i added some of that gasket shellac VERY CAREFULLY ( to avoid getting any inside the transmission) to the threads of the plug, I would guess EPOXY or LIQUID STEEL stuff would also work here, as long as you dont get it inside the font pump cover.

Next you must put a few of the components back into the transmission case to locate the new vent hole. Install the planetary assembly, the rear clutch, font clutch and font band. Locate the NEW vent hole, in the top region of the case, between the front band, and the front clutch driving shell. For the new vent I used a 1/4 in NPT 90degree brass elbow ( one end threaded, other barbed for a hose)( also available in Nylon).

NOTE: If you take the time to file down the threaded portion of the brass elbow the protrudes into the case, you can put it where ever you want ( a few inches above the full fluid level though) and not worry about clearance with the rotating assembly.

I didnt have a "pipe thread" tap, so I used a smaller S.A.E. and just forced the brass fitting in a few times wiping the shavings each time. Then installed it the final time with a few wraps of teflon tape.

NOTE: I put teflon tape an all the threaded components that go in and out of the case ( I mean EVERYTHING!, even band adjusters) to prevent any water from leaking in.

Now remove ALL the drill shavings, and all the brass shavings from the case, and continue transmisson rebuild. Clamp a hose to the barbed fitting and run it as high as you anticipate

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