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THROTTLE LINKAGE ADJUSTMENT- 6 Cylinder, 727 Transmission

Contributed By: Tom Collins

  1. Disconnect the throttle control rod spring at the carburetor.
  2. Raise the vehicle
  3. Use the throttle control rod spring(1) to hold the transmission control lever(2) forward against the stop.
  4. Hook one end of the spring on the throttle control lever and the other end on the throttle linkage bellcrank bracket attached to the converter housing.
  5. Block the choke open and set the carburetor throttle off the fast idle cam.
  6. NOTE: On carburetors equipped with a throttle operated solenoid valve, turn the ignition lock to the ON position to energize the solenoid. Then open the throttle halfway to allow the solenoid to lock and return the carburetor to the idle position.
  7. Loosen the retaining bolt on the throttle control adjusting link. Do not remove the spring clip and nylon washer.
  8. Pull on the end of the link(1) to eliminate lash and tighten the link retaining bolt(2).
  9. Remove the throttle control rod spring from the linkage and install it on the control rod.
  10. Lower the vehicle.
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