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QT Air Shifting Modification

Contributed By: Frank Almaas

What can't be seen on the drawings is that I made the engaging dents in the shift rod larger to make the hold better, did some grinding on the shift fork to make a more positive spline engagement inside the transfer (don't know if that works on a non part-time QT) and re-designed the light-switch to only light when the transfer REALLY were 4WD (Having ruined a couple of couplers on half-engaged 4WD)

I haven't made diagrams for the air-supply yet, but I'm planning on doing it. When I did this on my Wag I just made the plan for the air-supply on the first and best piece of paper I could find in my garage, so to make drawings of it would involve me actually go outside into the rain and wind and take a look on the setup on the car (but I will do it)

Frank Almaas
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 21:00:42

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