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QT Vacuum Diaphragm Repair

Contributed By: Dan Matheny

I don't remember pulling the case of the back cover of the case to get the control diaphragm out. There is a small rectangular cover on the top side of the case just above and in front of the diaphragm. When you remove this cover you can get to the lock rings. I seem to remember a spring and ball bearing thing.... Hold on, let me check my manual.... OK, here we go:

(1) Remove vent cover and sealing ring.

(2) Remove retaining rings which position shift fork on diaphragm control rod.
NOTE: The shift fork may be pried forward or rearward to gain access to the retaining rings.

(3) Remove spring using magnet.
NOTE: The diaphragm control rod is held in position by a spring loaded detent ball.(There is a picture in the manual showing a magnetic rod being inserted in the hole in the case in front of the opening, just above the end of the control rod.)

(4) Insert magnet into opening before removing diaphragm control (fig. 8-55 (picture described above))

(5) Remove diaphagm from case cover.

(6) Remove detent ball and spring.

Hope this helps, it matches my memory of how this works

Dan Matheny
Phoenix, AZ
Wed, 12 Mar 1997

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