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Spring Bushing Removal and Replacement

Contributed By: Tom Collins

Here's an excerpt from the Jeep MR 253 manual

Small Bushing Removal

Insert a 3/8" x 8" length of threaded rod halfway thru the bushing.

Place a suitable size socket on one end with the open end of the socket toward the bushing. The socket will act as the bushing driver. Note: The socket must be large enough in diameter to bear against the outer sleeve on the bushing but still be small enough to pass thru the spring eye.

Install one flat washer and one hex nut on the rod behind the socket.

Install a 2" long section of suitable size pipe on the opposite end of the threaded rod. The pipe will serve as the bushing receiver. Note: The inside diameter must be large enough to accommodate the bushing but still seat against the spring eye surface properly. Install a flat washer and a hex nut. Be sure the flat washer is large enough to support and maintain alignment of the pipe section.

Tighten both nuts finger-tight and align all components.

Tighten the nut at the socket end of the rod until the bushing is pressed out of the spring eye (into the piece of pipe).

The installation instructions are pretty wordy and translate into just reversing the above steps to press the new one in.

Large bushing removal

Same as above but substitute a 1/2" x 11" threaded rod and a 3" piece of pipe and use a deep socket.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Tom C, Tampa

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