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Power Steering Box Rebuild / Seal Replacement

Contributed By: Zack Heisey

Zack writes:The directions I used from the TSM and I'll include some notes on what I did:

  1. Remove pitman are nut.
  2. Get a big ass pitman arm puller and pull it off. Mine was really stuck on, spray heavily with WD-40, Liquid wrench, etc
  3. Take off snap ring.
  4. PUT BIG PAN DIRECTLY UNDER THE STEERING BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and spread some newspaper or rags around the pan.
  5. Note the position of the steering wheel.(for step 11) Start vehicle, and turn steering wheel slightly one way of the other. You will hear the two seals bounce in the pan.
  6. Turn wheel back to original position and shut off vehicle.(for step 11)
  7. Use a rag and wipe off as much fluid as possible off the splines shaft.
  8. Take a piece of wide, thin tape (clear packing tape) and wrap it around the splines. (so you don't cut the new seals when you slid them in.)
  9. Slid two seals and two shims into place. (Seal, shim, seal, shim (or washer)). Be sure to put the single lip seal in first, lip down to the ground, and then the first shim, then the double lip seal, then the last shim.
  10. Pull tape off.
  11. Reinstall snap ring
  12. Install pitman arm. (Only goes on one way, may have to turn the wheel a bit to get it to line up, on the master spline)
  13. Torque the nut to some outragiously high number (185, I checked).
  14. Fire it up, check for leaks. Go lock to lock a couple of times and recheck the torque on the nut after a couple of miles and again after a hunderd or so.
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