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AMC 360 Spark Knock Kit Installation Procedures

Contributed By: Eric Faust

Here is the text describing the installation of the spark knock kit in 360 V8's. If nothing alse, it should give people an idea of weather they want to do this job themselves.


A burst knock will be medium to heavy and is often noticed during acceleration from stop. The burst knock occurs on quick throttle tip-in from closed throttle and sometimes on a tip-in from light throttle to deep throttle.

A sustained knock will be a continuous light to medium knock. A sustained knock occurs at deep throttle during medium to heavy load conditions. A sustained knock will be noticed with a loaded vehicle (towing), a long up hill grade, or at hot, dry ambient temperatures. Sustained knock will usually disappear with fuel enrichment when the carburetor power valve is activated.

If either type of knock is experienced, proceed with the following procedures to improve this condition.


  1. Remove the distributor vacuum delay valve and replace it with a straight vacuum connector (P/N J3220180).
  2. Remove the original EGR valve and gasket and replace it with the new EGR valve (P/N J3239372) and gasket (P/N J3221283). Tighten the EGR bolts to 13 ft. lbs (17 N-m) of torque.
  3. Remove the EGR vacuum delay valve and replace it with a straight vacuum connector.
  4. Disconnect vacuum hose from the distributor vacuum advance and plug the end of the vacuum hose. Connect a timing light to No.1 spark plug. Loosen the distributor hold down bolt.
  5. connect a tachometer to the engine ignition.
  6. with the vehicle in park, set the parking brake firmly and start the engine. Turn A/c off. Allow engine to warm to normal operating temperature.
  7. Operate the engine at the specified idle RPM, as listed on the under hood Vehicle Emission Control Maintenance Information Label, and adjust the engine timing to 8 degrees BTDC.
  8. Tighten the distributor hold down bolt and recheck the timing to verify correct setting.
  9. Stop engine, disconnect timing light and tachometer, remove vacuum hose plug, and reconnect hose to distributor vacuum advance.
  10. Readjust the vehicle FAST IDLE, CURB IDLE AND BASE IDLE per vehicle specification (refer to under hood Vehicle Emission Control Maintenance Information Label.
  11. Type information on the Authorized Modification Label (P/N 4275086), and attach near Vehicle Emission Control Maintenance Information Label.

Eric Faust
89 Grand Wagoneer
San Diego, CA

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