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360 Pinging Problems

Contributed By: Dan - the 87GW Man

Pinging on 85 through 89 GW with the 360 5.9 liter actually has a write-up and a fix in ALLDATA's info. The directions are extremely clear and easy to follow . . . . The only problem is that the parts are special order from the dealer and they will total around $150.

Basically the fix is to use different EGR and vacuum connections and to replace the EGR with a NON-STANDARD replacement (though not totally sure, I stress non-standard just in case - Hey look at the part numbers below and ask your own dealer if that is a standard replacement part!). Also interesting is that the procedure also dictates timing at 8 degrees BTDC and that an "Authorized Modifications" sticker be completed (and attached) for your Jeep!

Directions also indicate that the procedure should take about 0.6 hours . . . yeah right!

When I started asking about the parts and the "upgrade kit" the parts department were completely dumbfounded. When I then gave them the part numbers in the ALLDATA info, they said "OHHHH! Here they are. . . special order. . . never seen this before. . . ".

The mod should handle both Burst knock and Sustained knock.

By the way, the parts required are:

  • 5.9L engine Knock Kit - P/N 83100071
  • EGR Valve - P/N J3239372
  • EGR Gasket - P/N J3221283
  • Straight Vacuum Connectors (qty=2) - P/N J3220180
  • "Authorized Modifications" sticker - P/N 4275086

If any one completes this operation or finds a cheaper way to get the parts PLEASE let me know! Thanks.

Dan - the 87GW Man

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