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Multi-Coil Ignition System

Contributed By: David Klingenberg

The name of the company is

  • Electromotive, Inc.
  • 14004 -J. Willard Rd.
  • Chantilly VA 22021

Their phone number is:703-378-2444
Their fax number is:703-378-2448

The name of the system is HPV ignition. It is a crankshaft triggered direct fire ignition system. Here is what their literature has to say.

Starting with a 60 tooth wheel on the crankshaft and a magnetic sensor, timing accuracy is better than =BC of a degree. Multi coils mean there i= s more time to both charge and discharge the coils. Digitally controlled charging and firing circuitry insurers a constant energy spark from idle to over 9600 rpm. The combination of high energy and long duration yields more complete combustion with fewer misfires, providing the user with more performance and lower emissions.

Standard features of all HPV ignition include:

    Low cost, self contained and easy to install.
  • More powerful than standard Mags or C-Ds.
  • Faster rise time burns through wet plugs.
  • Longer burn time for more complete combustion.
  • High resolution triggered eliminates spark scatter.
  • Engine compartment mountable and ultra reliable.
  • No mechanical rotors and caps to cross fire and fail.

The HPV ignition uses multiple ignition coils and digitally controlled dwell circuits to assure the hottest and most consistent spark possible. Each coil fires two cylinders; one on the compression stroke and one on the exhaust. The exhaust cylinder plug has a lower plug gap ionization potential and, as a result, does not consume appreciable ignition power. The individual coils allow fast and accurate spark ignition; long burn times and high energy levels assure effective burning for improved driveability, increased performance and decreased fuel consumption and emissions.

The cost for the basic unit is 499.00. There are other units and options from the company including a unit that is integrated with a fuel injection system.

I hope that you all find this helpful. The few articles that I have read about this type of systems have all been very positive. For those out there with the Jeep 4.2l they make a drop in unit that replaces your factory installed carburetor or fuel injection system along with your ignition system with a all new fuel injection system plus the ignition system.

David Klingenberg
'67 Jeep Wagoner

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