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MSD 6A Wiring

Contributed By: Frank Almaas

You will have seven wires coming out from your MSD 6A

  • One heavy red - goes to +12v
  • One heavy black - goes to good ground point
  • small red - this goes to the wire that was originally on the coils + terminal (or ignintion switched +12v)
  • orange - goes to +coil
  • small black - goes to -coil
  • white goes to the wire that was originally connected to the -coil IF you are using your original ignition amplifier. If you intend to use your MSD as the only ignition amplifier the white on is not used.
  • The last on is the magnetic trigger connection, this will have a plug that will connect to the plug off your distributor. If this is not the case there is one green and one violet wire that goes to this plug, one goes to the +trigger connection and the other goes to the -trigger. If you connect these wrong, no harm will happend but your timing will be way off
Hope this will help

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