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Engine Codes - 304 V-8

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer

The six digit Engine Code is stamped on a metal tag on the front of the right Valve Cover.

1st Digit - Year

4- 1971
5- 1972

2nd & 3rd Digit - Month

4th Digit - Compression ratio

H- V8-304 2V Carb. 8.4:1

5th & 6th Digit - Month

Note: Odd engine size characteristics will be stamped to the upper half of the Engine Code Plate as follows:

B- 0.010" Oversize Cylinder Bore
C- 0.010" Oversize Camshaft Bores
M- 0.010" Undersize Main Bearings
P- 0.010" Undersize Wrist Pins
PM- 0.010" Undersize Wrist Pins and Main Bearings


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Parts Manual: F-76072, AMC, Feb 1972
Parts Manual: F-75080, AMC, May 1980
Parts Manual: 89-81-374-084, AMC, May 1987
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