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Engine Codes - 230 I-6

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer

The Engine Code is found on the boss near the right front corner of the block.
The code consists of 5 groups of digits with either alphabetical or numerical characteristics as follows:

1st & 2nd Digit - Type

ADStation wagon-Panel Delivery-Gladiator: w/Dual Carb,-2WD or 4WD-Automatic Transmission.
ASStation Wagon-Panel Delivery-Gladiator: w/Single Carb-Automatic Transmission
NDStation Wagon-Panel Delivery: w/Dual Carb-2WD
NSStation Wagon-Panel Delivery: w/Single Carb-7.5:1 Compression Ratio
TDStation wagon-Panel delivery-Gladiator: w/Dual Carb-2WD or 4WD-Standard Transmission
TSStation Wagon-Panel Delivery-Gladiator: w/Single Carb-Standard Transmission

Note: 1st and 2nd digits not shown on short block.

3rd thru 5th and/or 6th Digit - Model

60C6-230 OHC Engine
60CR6-230 OHC Short Block

Note: 6th digit shown only on short block.

6th and/or 7th thru 10th Digit - Engine Number
Note: Beginning with the sixth digit (except short block).

11th thru 13th Digit

A0.010" undersize Crankshaft Main and Connecting Rod Bearings
AB0.010" undersize Crankshaft Main and Connecting Rod Bearings with 0.010" oversize bores in Cylinder Block
B0.010 oversize bores in Cylinder Block
SEngine built for service

Note: Above only if applicable.

14th & 15th Digit - Compression Ratio



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