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Oil Cooler Installation

Contributed By: Randy Banton

Oil cooler details - I used a NAPA Part # ATP.1-7505

- Removed grill, headlights, etc.

- Cooler mounted very nicely using provided straps and existing 4 holes in front of the radiator. Mounted with fittings up so bend radius of hose could be met.

- Routed hose, one on each side of the lower corners of the radiator. It just fits with no crimping - I did put a protective piece of rubber since there is one sharp edge of sheetmetal under there.

- Attached to cooler fittings and tie wrapped hose to frame

- Removed old oil filter and installed adapter unit that has engine side hose fittings. Do final cuts on hoses and install, route, secure.

- Replace oil filter, I had to go to the short PH25 (Fram) where before I had been using the long (PH11)

- I spray painted the cooler black so shiny cooler and mounting straps weren't visible through grill.

- Reinstall headlights, grill, etc.

- Took almost 2 quarts to top off oil. (Note that cooler won't get filled up until engine is fully warmed up, so rather than overfill, I added 1 qt cold and ~1 qt warm.)

- Fire it up and leak test - got lucky ... none! (Used Form-a-gasket #2 on fitting threads)

- There is a little thermostat inside the adapter, so engine must be good and warm before you'll feel the cooler get warm.

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