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Jeep Books

Contributed By: John Meister

Here's a list of Jeep & related books I've looked over and think are worth having:

50 Year Jeep History - Robert C. Ackerson isbn 0-85429-533-X (REALLY, REALLY WANT THIS ONE, please spare me from a life of crime, I'm considering "borrowing" this one indefinitely from the library... :)

Standard Catalog of 4x4's 1945 - 1993 - Robert C. Ackerson isbn 0-87341-203-6 $24.95 (have this one) "The Standard Catalog of American Motors 1902-1987" isbn 0-87341-232-X $19.95 (have this one) Jeep Owner's Bible - Moses Ludel isbn 0-8376-0154-1 $29.95 (thinking about it... lots of good technical info on xfr cases, axles, etc. focused on cj type jeeps, but close enough to be useful for sj/xj's.) also has a Chrysler Part Number: P5249431 Jeep - David Fetherston (looked at it, some cool pictures of tour rigs, including a J20 with 3 or 4 rows of seats in back... and a WOOD GRAIN Sided J20! some cool FC's, Willy's Wagon's, etc.) isbn 0-7603-0184-0 $18.95 1-800-826-6600 Motorbooks, Intl. Illustrated Jeep Buyer's Guide - Peter C. Sessler isbn 0-87938-277-5 $17.95 (looked at it... ok...) Chilton's Wagoneer/Commando/Cherokee/Truck 1957-86 isbn 0-0819-7720-7 I own it... but I sure don't recommend it... but it's better than nothing... I suppose... Service Manual - J-Series Vehicles - for J-100 series and J-2000 and J-3000 series Pickup and Stake Platform Reprinted 7-77 SM-1042 AMC Jeep Corporation (I own it) Service Manual - J-Series Vehicles - for J-100 series and J-200/2000 and J-300/3000 series Pickup and Stake Platform Copyright 1966 SM-1019-R2 Kaiser Jeep Corporation (I own it) Chilton's Repair & Tune-up Guide 1966-74 Jeep Wagoneer, Commando & Cherokee isbn 0-8019-6003-7 (hardbound) (I own it... much better than the new one) Brake Handbook - HP Books - Fred Puhn isbn 0-89586-232-8 $12.95 (good explanation of theory, have it) The Great Manifold Bolt-on! - Edelbrock isbn 0-9608740-0-3 $5.95 (some good explanation of theory, have it) Off-Roader's Handbook - HP Books - James Crow & Spencer Murray isbn 0-895860403-7 $12.95 (survival info, winch info, driving techniques...) Auto Math Handbook - HP Books - John Lawlor isbn 1-55788-020-4 $14.95 (actually pretty lame, but better than nothing...) Feel free to add your recommendations to this list. It would be nice if Haynes did a manual for the Full-Size Jeeps... Most Haynes are pretty good. Anybody seen anything of Clymer lately?

I've also got one of those HP books on V-6 Performance, Carter Carbs and several XJ manuals...

Oh yeah, and I've got my $76 photocopy of the 81 Jeep Service Manual.


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