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Bolt Removal

Contributed By: Landen Schooler

I have come up with a trick that has worked 6 for 6. If you can get a hold of the stud with vise grips you got it made. First you heat the area around the stud, AND the stud red hot. Then take the vice grips out of a bucket of ice water. Grab the end of the stud and watch the stud turn black as it cools. As this happens wiggle the stud. After 10 or so seconds, stick the vise grips back into the ice water to cool off. Then grab the stud again and wiggle. It work for me. When you grab the stud with the cold vise grips, the stud cools and shrinks away from the manifold, breaking loose the rust holding it. Good Luck.

Sun, 23 Feb 1997
Landen Schooler

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