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Job Difficulty Rating System

Contributed By: Gordon McKenzie

Having started this whole Shade Tree Howler Monkey [tm] reference, I feel obliged to reveal the rating system for a job's degree of difficulty in STHM terms:

  • 1 banana = easy
  • 2 bananas = moderately difficult
  • 3 bananas = pushing the limits of a stock howler monkey; opposable thumbs only get you so far
  • 4 bananas = requires the ability to communicate abstract ideas to other howler monkeys.
  • 5 bananas = the job should only be attempted by a professional orangutan

Hope this clarifies things.

1 Banana Jobs

  • Change tire
  • Change Oil
  • Change Coolant
  • Change Manual transmission and x-fer case fluid.
  • Add bumper or push bar
  • most u-joints
  • shocks
2 bananas
  • Wire lights
  • automatic transmission fluid
  • adding a remote oil filter/cooler
  • Full tune-up with inspection
  • standard water pump (rear wheel drive)
  • starter replacement
  • add second battery
  • remaining u-joints
  • any hoses and belts
  • replace stock radio
  • exhaust work
3 bananas
  • Jeep lift kit (or any leaf spring lift)
  • body work
  • axle seals
  • head gasket
  • install gonzo stereo system
4 Bananas
  • engine rebuild
  • IFS suspension lift
  • axle swap.
  • clutch replacement
  • find woman who likes to wheel (???)
5 bananas
  • engine block machine work
  • Camshaft bearings
  • rebuild alternator/ starter
  • fix radiators
  • any custom drive train work

Actually, that was started by Larry Soo (Lars) on the offroad list. I It was all based on Shadetree Howler Monkeys. Course you have to know Larry to understand where this came from.

Gordon McKenzie

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