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Headliner Repair

Contributed By: Rick Terhune

My wife found me some headliner material at a fabric shop in the remnant section. Black Velour with a foam backing. Suprisingly tough to cut. I have also seen what appears to be this same material at Pep boys. This is where I bought the spray adhesive from but you could probably get it most any place.

Make sure you keep your cardboard headliner and just cover over it with the new material if at all possible. Take your time follow the directions on the adhesive and work your way from the center out so you don't have any air bubbles. Trim to fit.

I have, mine but it is warped. I plan to fasten it up tight to the roof where it is currently sagging by drillig a hole into the roof support and screwing it up tight. Probably take a couple of screws to fasten it properly. You may need a washer so the weight is distributed evenly. I am probably going to paint screws and washers black so it blends in.

Gonna do this step tommorrow.

If you don't want to screw it in then go to a headliner shop and they have long heavy strips of sticky material that they put on the back of the cardborad and then push it tight to the ceiling. They will probably sell or give you some small sections.

If old headliner not available then you can try to cut it from heavy cardboard or possibly wood. Wood might be your best bet and then cover with the material. I am going to do this on the side panels - seen it done in an FSJ and it looks OK. Luan paneling is the thinnest that you can get. Heavy plastic could work also if you can cut it and not have it break.

If you use wood then make sure you seal the wood on the door panels front and back before you cover it as otherwise it will absorb moisture fron the backside of the door from the drain holes. Drove my FSJ in the rain last weekend and it was very wet inside the door.

Rick Terhune
21 February 1997

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