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258 6-cyl Intake Manifold Idea

Contributed By: Ismo Kankaanpaa

Hi there, six-aholics!

I draw a sketch of better flowing intake manifold for 258 sixbanger. There are no dimensions, just the basic shape of it and description of different parts. It's basicly easy even to do-it-yourself. Only the flanges have to have cut in some machine shop. If you can hold a mig welder in your hands and can bend and cut 3-4 mm metal sheet, this takes max. one weekend to do after you have figured out all of the dimensions (for example from extra exhaust/intake gasket and carb gasket you have lying around there). You have to make also a blind flange for exhaust manifold to place where there used to be the intake pre-heating connection. Plus some brackets for power steering pump has to be weld. Oh and I forgot there has to be a hole for brake booster vacuum hose fitting and other vacuum stuff.

ismo from Finland

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