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Fuel Tank Sending Unit Replacement

Contributed By: Greg Tellone

Buy a new sending unit from a dealer.. $25-$50.. lift the back seat forward and lift the carpeting on the drivers side.. no screws, just glue. There will be a round disc abour 4" in diameter.. Slide this to the side.. You might have to grind or pop a couple rivots off.. Leave at least one on to hold the plate in place.

Disconnect and label the lines and make sure they don't 'spring' back under the body. Take out the big nut 2-21/4" nut with channel lock pliers.. remove sending unit.. insert new one.. and hook everything back up.

When you take the unit out, you can reconnect the electrical lines and move the unit by hand.. see if the gas gauge moves.

The new one will be a bit stiff, that's good.. The gas will lube it.

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