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VIN Decoding - 1981-1988

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer
Ed Note: This page contains additions made by Tony Butler

The VIN is located on a plate mounted on the left corner of the firewall under the hood.

1st Digit - Manufacturing County

1- U.S.
2- Canada

2nd Digit - Manufacturer

B- AMC Canada Ltd.
J- Jeep Corporation

3rd Digit - Type

C- MPV ( Multi Purpose Vehicle)
D- Incomplete Vehicle
E- Export-LHD
F- Export-RHD

4th & 5th Digit - Engine

C- 6-258
N- V8-360

5th Digit - Transmission/Transfer Case

A- 3-Speed Auto Column Shift-Full Time
B- Auto-Floor Shift-Part Time
C- Auto-Floor Shift-Full Time
E- Auto-Column Shift-Part Time/4WD
F- 5-Speed Manual-Floor Shift-Part Time
G- 4-Speed Manual-Floor Shift-Full Time
H- 4-Speed manual-Floor Shift-Part or Full Time
J- Auto-Column Shift-Part or Full Time
K- Auto-Floor Shift-Part or Full Time
L- 5-Speed Manual-Floor Shift-Part Time
M- 4-Speed Manual-Floor Shift-Part Time
N- 5-Speed Manual-Floor Shift-Part Time/4WD
P- 5-Speed Manual-Floor Shift-Full Time
W- 5-Speed Manual Floor Shift-None
X- Part Time

6th & 7th Digit - Nameplate/Body Style

15- Wagoneer-4 Door Station Wagon-109" Wheelbase
16- Cherokee-2 Door Station wagon-109" Wheelbase
17- Cherokee-2 Door Station Wagon-109" Wheelbase (Wide Track)
18- Cherokee-4 Door Station Wagon-109" Wheelbase
25- J-10 Truck-109" Wheelbase
26- J-10 Truck-131" Wheelbase
27- J-20 Truck-131" Wheelbase

8th Digit - GVWR
*Note: Refer Technical Service Manuals 'VIN DECODING CHARTS" For Specific Model.

A- 3750-5975-6200
C- 6200
D- 5975-6200
L- 5975
N- 5975-6200
P- 6800
S- 7600
U- 6200
Y- 8400

9th Digit - Check Digit

A single number or letter X or a check mark used to verify the accuracy of the transcription of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

10th Digit - Model Year

B- 1981
C- 1982
D- 1983
E- 1984
F- 1985
G- 1986
H- 1987
J- 1988

11th Digit - Plant Code

B- Brampton
T- Toledo

12th thru 17th Digit - Sequential Serial Number

Starts With 000,001


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Parts Manual: F-76072, AMC, Feb 1972
Parts Manual: F-75080, AMC, May 1980
Parts Manual: 89-81-374-084, AMC, May 1987
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