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VIN Decoding - 1975

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer

The VIN is located on a plate mounted on the left corner of the firewall under the hood.

1st Digit - Manufacturer

J- Jeep Corporation

2nd Digit - Model Year

5- 1975

3rd Digit - Plant/Transmission/Drive Code

A- Toledo, Hydramatic-LHD
B- CKD (Complete Knock Down), Hydramatic-LHD
F- Toledo, 3-Speed-LHD
G- Toledo, 3-Speed-RHD
J- CKD, 3-Speed-LHD
K- CKD, 3-Speed-RHD
M- Toledo, 4-Speed-LHD
N- Toledo, 4-Speed-RHD
O- CKD, 4-Speed-LHD
P- CKD, 4-Speed-RHD

4th & 5th Digit - Model

14- Wagoneer-110" Wheelbase
15- Wagoneer-Custom-110" Wheelbase
16- Cherokee-110" Wheelbase
17- Cherokee "S -110" Wheelbase
25- Truck J-10, 119" Wheelbase
26- Truck J-10 (Export Only), 119" Wheelbase
45- Truck J-10, 131" Wheelbase
46- Truck J-20, 131" Wheelbase

6th Digit - GVW-Model

M- 6025 -14-15-16-17-25-26
N- 6500 -26-46
R- 7200 -46
X- 8000 -46

7th Digit - Engine

A- 2-258, 110 HP
N- V8-360 2V, 175 HP
P- V8-360 4V, 195 HP
Z- V8-401 4V

8th thru 13th Digit - Sequential Serial Number

Starts with 000,001


Parts Manual: W-1170-R2, Kaiser Jeep Corporation, 1967
Parts Manual: F-76072, AMC, Feb 1972
Parts Manual: F-75080, AMC, May 1980
Parts Manual: 89-81-374-084, AMC, May 1987
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