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VIN Decoding - 1968-1970

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer

The VIN is located on a plate mounted on the front door pillar of the left side door.

1st & 2nd Digit - Chassis Code

13J-100 2WD Wagoneer
14J-100 4WD Wagoneer
23J-2000 2WD Gladiator
24J-2000 4WD Gladiator
33J-3000 2WD Gladiator
34J-3000 4WD Gladiator
 J-4000 4WD Gladiator

3rd & 4th Digit/Body Style

06Cab and Chassis-Truck
07Camper Special
08Cab and Chassis
122 Door Station Wagon
13Panel Delivery
144 Door Station Wagon

Note: Chassis Code 24 (J-2000) prior to Aug 69 was a 120" wheelbase truck; after Aug 69, it was a 126" wheelbase truck. Chassis Code 34 (J-3000) prior to Aug 69 was a 126" wheelbase truck; after Aug 69 it was changed to (J-4000) and 132" wheelbase truck.

5th Digit - Special Model Code

CCustom Wagoneer
DSuper Wagoneer w/ Exterior Metal Type Feature Panels
W5000 GVW
X6000 GVW Also Console Shift Wagoneer (1414X) with Exterior Woodgrain Feature Panel.
Y7000 GVW
Z8000 GVW Also 8600 GVW With Dual Rear Wheels

6th Digit - Drive Code

1Left hand Drive
2Right Hand Drive
3Left Hand Drive
4Right hand Drive

7th Digit - Engine Code

76-232 Smog
9V8-327, V8-350 Smog

8th thru 13th Digit - Sequential Serial Number

6-232 Engine200,001-299,999
V8-327 Engine50,001-199,999
V8-350 Engine300,001-399,999


Parts Manual: W-1170-R2, Kaiser Jeep Corporation, 1967
Parts Manual: F-76072, AMC, Feb 1972
Parts Manual: F-75080, AMC, May 1980
Parts Manual: 89-81-374-084, AMC, May 1987
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