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VIN Decoding - 1962-1964

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer

The VIN is located on a plate mounted on the front door pillar of the left side door.

1st & 2nd Digit - Chassis Code

13J-100 2WD Wagoneer
14J-100 4WD Wagoneer
23J-200 2WD Gladiator
24J-200 4WD Gladiator
33J-300 2WD Gladiator
34J-300 4WD Gladiator

3rd & 4th Digit - Body Style

06Cab and Chassis-Truck
122 Door Station Wagon
13Panel Delivery
144 Door Station Wagon
18Stripped Chassis-Truck

5th Digit - GVW Weights and/or Special Codes

C7600Truck & Custom-Station Wagon
D8600With Dual Rear Wheels/4sp Trans-Truck
G8000With Dual Rear Wheels/3 sp Trans-Truck
H9000With Dual Rear Wheels/4sp Trans-Truck

6th and/or 7th Digit - Drive Code

1Left Hand Drive
2Right Hand Drive

Note: 5th digit shown w/o GVW code or 6th digit w/GVW code.

Remaining 5 digits - Sequential Serial Number

6-230 OHC engine10,000 thru 49,999.


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Parts Manual: F-76072, AMC, Feb 1972
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Parts Manual: 89-81-374-084, AMC, May 1987
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