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What is a "Super Wagoneer"?

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer

This came from the Standard Catalog of 4x4's by Ackerson for the new 1966 Super

The Super Wagoneer's exterior featured two side trim panels, that widened from front to rear. Top panel contained an antiqued gold insert while the lower and narrower was painted black to match the color of the standard padded roof. The rear deck had similar detailing consisting of a wide upper panel with a vertically-ribbed gold insert and a much narrower black panel. A gold "Super" trim plate was added to the Wagoneer script on the rear fender panel. Bull's-eye shaped ornaments were positioned on the front fender tops. The Super Wagoneer was also equipped with mag-styled wheel covers with simulated knock-off hubs. The color selection consisted of Empire Blue, Indian Ceramic, Glacier White or Prairie Gold.

Interior appointments of the Super Wagoneer substantiated Kaiser Jeeps claim that it was "the most elegant 4-wheeler auto ever crafted." Courtesy lights were mounted in the ceiling and near the floor and an adjustable steering wheel tilting to any of seven positions was installed. The seats(front buckets, rear bench)had foam cushions and were finished in pleated knit back British calf grain and Cranstone. Door panels were trimmed in soft vinyl with simulated walnut woodgrain and chrome accents. The scuff panel was covered in a color coordinated carpet. The Super Wagoneer's seats were machine stitched. Both the dashboard and sun visors were padded and a vanity mirror was attached to the back of the passenger's sun visor. The rearview mirror was equipped with prismatic lenses with day and night positions. When not in use the front seat belts automatically retracted into belt receivers. Rear seat belts were also standard. The Super Wagoneer was also fitted with many other standard features including air conditioning, Turbo Hydra-Matic, power steering and brakes, power tailgate window, tinted safety glass in all windows, white sidewall 8.45x15 Power Cushion tires with a 4-ply rating, luggage carrier, chrome outside rearview mirror, and a push-button transistor radio equipped with an automatic volume control which kept the radio amplitude constant.

Powering the Super Wagoneer was the 4-barrel version of the 327 cu in. Vigilante V-8 with a 9.7:1 compression ratio. It's ratings were 270 horsepower at 4700 RPM and 360 ft-lb of torque at 2600 RPM. End quote.

I think it also had a console equipped floor shifter for the A/T but can't swear to. I've only seen one in real-life and it was pretty rough and a long time ago. The 327 put out 20hp more than the standard 327 available in the other wags and trucks. In my opinion, all-in-all a damn fancy rig for 1966 :) One last tidbit, the serial numbers for the Super in 1966 ran from: 1414D-10368 and up. How correct that is I can't say. Ackerson is pretty reliable for descriptions but can be way off on serial numbers etc sometimes.

joe schaefer
nordland wa usa

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