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FSJ Drivetrain Database

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer

Please note the following: The information in this database does NOT apply to anything other than the following rigs:

  • 1962-1983 Wagoneer
  • 1962-1988 Gladiator and J-trucks
  • 1974-1983 Cherokee
  • 1984-1992 Grand Wagoneer

It does NOT apply to the following, don't ask, these aren't covered at all on this web site:

  • 1984-up Cherokee
  • 1984-up Wagoneer
  • 1993-up Grand Wagoneer
  • any Grand Cherokee


Transfer Cases



Engine Manufacturer Year Notes
230 OHC, I-6 Kaiser 1962-65 (early) OHC/overhead cam
232 OHV, I-6 AMC 1965 (late)-70 OHV/overhead valve
258 OHV, I-6 AMC 1971-87  
304 V8 AMC 1971-72  
327 V8 AMC 1965-68  
350 V8* Buick 1969-71  
360 V8 AMC 1971-87  
401 V8 AMC 1974-78  

Station Wagons/Panels and Wagoneers, Cherokees

Engine Manufacturer Year Notes
230 OHC, I-6 Kaiser 1962-65 (early)  
232 OHV, I-6 AMC 1965 (late)-71 (early)  
258 OHV, I-6 AMC 1971 (late)-87  
304 V8 AMC 1971-72  
327 V8 Kaiser 1965-68  
350 V8* Buick 1969-71  
360 V8 AMC 1971-92  
401 V8 AMC 1974-78  

* It�s been reported that the 350 Buick V8 has been found in the 1972 trucks. For what it�s worth the 1972 AMC factory shop manual does NOT list or show the 350 V8. Nor is it listed in the VIN code break down for 1972. If you do indeed have one my best "guess" is that there were some left in stock after the AMC take over of Kaiser Jeep and AMC offered them as a limited option? Or (more likely) it�s been swapped in at a later date. Either way consider yourself lucky. It�s a very good motor.

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Model Year Availability Notes
Chrysler 727 1980-92 All  
Chrysler 999 1982-1987 All except J-20 Six cylinder w/2.73:1 axle ratio only.
GM TH400 1965-79 All Except 1965 with the 230 OHC engine.
BW AS-8F 1962-65 Only with 230 OHC eng.  

Transmission- 3 Speed Manual

Model Year Availability Notes
T-14A 1967-69 All except 327 engine
T-15A 1967-79 All  
T-85 1966-69 Only w/327 V8 engine  
T-86 1962-66 All Six cylinder only
T-89 1962-66 All Six cylinder only
T-90 1962-65 All With 230 OHC engine only

Transmission- 4 Speed Manual

Model Year Availability Notes
T-98A 1962-68 J-Trucks only  
T-176 1980-87 All except J-20 Includes the T-177 & T-178 versions
T-18/T-18A* 1969-87 J-Truck/Cherokee  

* This tranny started out as the T-18 with a 6.32:1 first gear and a few years later, before 1973 anyway the T-18 changed to a 4.02:1 first gear. When that came into being the 6.32:1 ratio trans became the T-18A.

Transmission- 5 Speed Manual

Model Year Availability Notes
T-5 1982-83 All Six cylinder only

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Transfer Cases

Model Year Availability Notes
NP-229 1981-85&1987-92 All except J-20 With A/T only. 1987 could have either the NP 229 Type 1 or Type 2 transfer case.
NP-228 1986 All except J-20 With A/T only
NP-219 1980-83 All except J-20 With A/T only
NP-208 1980-87 All  
BW 1339 1973-79 All With A/T only
BW 1305 1973-79 Wagoneer/Cherokee Single speed, no LOW range, with A/T only
D-20 1962-79 All From 62-65 and 73-79 with manual trans only. Not available w/230 OHC motor and A/T
D-21 1962-65 Wagoneer Single speed, no LOW range, used only with the 230 OHC motor and A/T

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Front Axles

Model Year Availability Notes
D-27A 1962-70 Wagoneer  
D-30 1971-73 Wagoneer  
D-44 1962-88 All J-Trucks, 1974-92 Wagoneer/Cherokee/Grand Wagoneer
D-44 w/vacuum 1983-84 All except J-20 With Type 1 NP 229 or NP 228 transfer case disconnect

Rear Axles

Model Year Availability Notes
D-44 1962-79 All except X,Y,Z series trucks and J-20
  1986-92 All except J-20 From late 1986
D-53 1962-68 X,Y series trucks only Semi-floating axle
D-60-2 1969-73 Trucks only Semi-floating axle
D-60 1969-88 Z series trucks Full-floating axle J-20 only
D-70 1962-68 Z series trucks only Full-floating axle
AMC 20 1980-86 All except J-20 Through early 1986

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The data base for the FSJ Drive Train Components 1962-1992 has been compiled from Kaiser/AMC and Chrysler factory references ONLY�no other sources were used, not even "my grandpa worked for Jeep in �.and he says�" There will be discrepancies especially on the cusp years: example if a component is listed as ending it�s availability in 1983 and you have an 84 with that part�well it happens. Left over parts get used in the next year just like parts shortages for one year allows parts from the new or next years model to be used earlier than planned. Welcome to the auto industry� If you�re in doubt as to what you have�get down, get dirty and crawl under your rig and read the tag/stamped numbers on the part you�re in doubt about. ALL components have an ID number somewhere. If you don�t know what the numbers should be, how to translate them or where to look all I can say to you is RTFM or ask on the FSJ-list ;)

Hope this reference is useful to you as a guide. If you run into a typo or an error that is documentable through a factory reference please feel free to write me ( and I�ll check it out and make corrections as necessary.

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This data base was not a single effort. It was done basically for the FSJ-list members and other FSJ owners/net surfers but was done by the list members. Some of the folks involved in this project besides myself were Mike Ahlmann, Brad Feick, Kim Wood, Ray Drouillard, Leslie Bright, John Holderman, Chris Medlicott, Dennis Upton, John Esposito, Karen Sheppard, David Dusenbury, Chad Bartman, Wade Alexander and others who I�ve forgotten, sorry� Thanks for everyone�s time spent, couldn�t have done it without your help.

NOTE: This database is NOT to be used/published on other web sites without prior approval by yours truly!

Joe Schaefer

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References used:

  • Parts Book: F-76072, Feb 1972, J-Series 1962-72
  • Parts Book: F-74082, May 1980, 1974-80, all models
  • Parts Book: 89-81-379-084, May 1987, 1981-86, all models
  • 1989 TSM 25M88, w/supplements, 1989
  • M.R. 253, Mar 1984, covers up to 1988
  • M.R. 256, Jul 1984, covers up to 1988
  • 1983 TSM 8980-000-346, 1984
  • 1982 TSM J821001, 1983
  • 1978 TSM J7820, 1977
  • SETSM 1976
  • 1976 TSM J761001, 1975
  • 1975 TSM J751001, 1974
  • 1974 TSM J741001, 1974
  • 1974 STSM J741001A, 1973
  • 1973 TSM J731001, 1972
  • 1972 TSM J721001, 1972
  • 1972 SM ???? , J-Series 1970-72, 1972
  • SA 71-2342-597-01, 1972
  • SM-1042, J-Series 1967-69, 1969
  • SM 1019-R2, J-Series 1963-66, 1966
  • SM 1024-R1, J-Series, 1965

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