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Adjusting Wiper Blades (A Quick Tip)

Contributed By: Daniel Leisy

When adjusting your wiper blade assemby for proper clearance from the window bottom, you must remove the blade arm from the spindle coming out of your hood cowl. This is where the trick is handy. This spindle is made of a very soft metal and when removing the arm the small ridges are easly stripped.

Procedure: Locate the small holes (one on each side of the wiper arm) at the bottom area about 1/2" from the spindle. Lift the arm away from the window, then a small pin or nail can be inserted into these holes keeping the arm from springing back onto the window.

Benefits: Eliminating the spring pressure from the wiper arm and spindle allows easy removal and repositioning. Yeah, I know. Big deal. . . until you have to replace the spindle because it is stripped!

Proper adjustment: Clearance for '84 thru '88 Grand Wagoneers is 2 1/4" from the rubber at the window base to the top of the wiper arm pivot. Passenger side clerance should be set to 2 7/8". Others are probably same or similar, just make sure wiper does not hit window bottom! Yeah, duh! But mine came that way when I bought it.


  • Large flathead screwdriver (to help pry off the arm from the spindle) and a rolled up towel as a fulcrum
  • Small flathead to work clips on wiper where arm connects to spindle and where blade assembly connects to wiper arm.

Daniel Leisy

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