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Headlamp Aiming Procedure

Contributed By: Dan Matheny

This is from a '77 service manual.

Lamps must be aimed on the low beam. They may be aimed either with mechanical aimers or by using a screen. If Mechanical Aimers C-3674 are used, follow instructions supplied by the aiming equipment. If a screen is to be used, preparation for aiming is as follows:

(1) Locate vehicle in a darkened area with level floor and with screen (wall) having non reflecting white surface.

(2) Mark reference line on floor 25 feet away from and parallel to screen (fig. 3-68).

(3) Position vehicle perpendicular to screen and with headlamps directly over reference line.

(4) Locate middle tape on screen so it is aligned with center line of vehicle.

(5) Equalize all tire pressures.

(6) Rock vehicle from side to side to equalize springs and shock absorbers.

(7) Measure distance between vehicle headlamp centers.

(8) Position marker tapes vertically on screen to right and left of middle tape at half this distance.

(9) Measure distance from center of each lamp to surface on which vehicle rests.

(10) Position marker tape horizontally on screen to cross vertical tapes at measured height of each lamp center respectively.

(11) Remove headlamp doors.

(12) Clean headlamps.

(13) Turn headlamps on low beam.

NOTE: Cover the lamp not being aimed.

(14) Turn vertical aiming screw counterclockwise until lamp beam is considerably lower than horizontal reference line on screen (fig. 3-69).

(15) Turn screw clockwise until top edge of high intensity area is even with horizontal line.

(16) Turn horizontal aiming screw counterclockwise until beam is off centering tape.

(17) Turn same screw clockwise until left edge of high intensity area is 2 inches to right of lamp center line (fig. 3-68).

(18) Cover lamp that has been aimed and aim other lamp using same procedure.

(19) Replace headlamp doors.

I added step 19 as it was pretty obviously missing.

Dan Matheny '77 J20, 360, QT; '95 ZJ Laredo, 318, QT.

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