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Pre-'84 Power Window Flextrac Adapter

Contributed By: Rick Stratton

The deal is that AMC/Chrysler no longer carrie the flextracs for pre 84 models. However, the flextrac for 84 and up models is very similar except for the connection end of the trac (the end that actually connects to the window). So what Chrysler did was to create an adapter which simply consists a nylon nut and a pin/bolt.

So the flextrac you need is at a Jeep/Chrysler dealer, the price I paid (for the retros - I have an '83) was $10.00 each.

Now, the adapter pieces that I needed weren't in stock, at least not all of them. But after looking at them and seeing the price (approx. $20.00 to do two door) I decided to put together an equivalent adapter from supplies bought at a local harware store.

The pieces included: (per door)

  • (1) 1" bolt (1/4" size if I remember right)
  • (1) 1/2" nylon spacer
  • (1) nylon washer
  • (1) nylon insert locknut

Total cost: $0.80

The flextrac itself is a nylon strip with teeth on it. It looks similar to a fan belt that is cut ( the type which have grooves cut in them) I hope that doesn't confuse 'ya but I think you get the idea. The flextrac itself slides down over a metal track which makes the shape of a J , with the curve at the bottom of the door. The power window motor sits down at the bottom of the door as well and simply pushes/pulls the flextrac along this metal track.

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