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Power Window Flex-track Replacement

Contributed By: Jeff Hess

I was lowering the window when I heard a clunk. I throught the worst happened buy I tried to raise the window anyway. Surprisingly, the window went up. It was when I put the window down again that the trouble started. It went down in the door and stayed down.

I went to the local Chrysler dealer and picked up a new flex track for about $9. To replace the flex-track, you have to open up the door. Loosen the screws holding the flex-track/regulator/motor assembly (there is about 9 of them. These screws were phillips head on my 83 and torx head on the 88) You have to unbolt the top of the flex-track from the window (One bolt, 7/16" I think).

You can then twist the flex-track/regulator/motor assembly enough to see the end of the metal track that the flex-track "runs" on. You can then slide the old flex-track off and the new flex-track on. You may need to run the window motor to get the flex-track past the regulator gear.

Once you get the flex-track on, just put everything back together. It took me about 30 minutes for me to fix mine.

Jeff Hess
1988 Grand Wagoneer
Edgerton, MN

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