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1986-1992 Dash Light Replacement

Contributed By: Mike Ahlmann

Our factory workshop manuals were published in 1984, and they weren't updated until 1989, so some of the information is not quite right.

The thin black bezel that has the rectangular cut outs and goes from the left edge all the way over to the radio will pop out of the dash with some persuading. There are some thin tabs with metal clips that slide into slots in the dash and hold the bezel in pretty firmly. Carefully pry it our and don't worry about losing the metal clips or even breaking any of the tabs because Velcro is a better way to fasten it back in. You can still get new bezels from the dealer, but the Velcro strips work very well, especially if you ever have to take the panel apart again.

After the bezel is off, there are 4 black screws with captive washers that hold in the instrument panel. You may have to turn the ignition switch to ON so you can move the shift lever to get to the one on the top right. After these 4 screws are out, you can tilt the top edge of the panel forward towards the steering wheel. You might have a tight fit getting past the mounting bosses, but it will tip forward with a little persuasion. Then, pull it up and forward to get the bottom edge out past the cutout. Again, the bottom mounting bosses may be a tight fit. I find a small, flat screwdriver sometimes helps.

Pull the panel forward and turn it slightly so you can get your left hand behind it and disconnect the speedometer cable. Once that's loose, you can pull the panel out some more and get to everything.

The bulb sockets (mine are gray plastic) twist out of the circuit board. The bulb is removable from the plastic socket and is all that needs to be replaced. I expect the dealer charged you quite a bit more, but the instrument panel warning bulbs are Sylvania # 74, which are a $1.89 at our local auto parts store. I suggest you confirm that the new bulb works before you button everything back up. Just turn the ignition switch to ON to see if it lights. (The left-hand one is the seat belt warning light and it comes on briefly every time you switch to ON).

As they say in British auto shop manuals, assembly is the reverse of the disassembly procedure. Don't forget to reconnect the speedometer cable before you button things back up. You might want to pull the inner shaft and clean and lightly relube it.

If the bezel doesn't fit back in to your liking, black Velcro patches work very well.

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