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U-Joint Replacement 101

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer

Here's what the book says: (1976 factory manual)


  1. Position tube or propeller shaft, near cross-type universal joint, in vise, clamp tightly.
  2. Remove two retainer cup rings, which fasten bearing cups to tube yoke. If necessary, tap ends, of bearing cups with brass hammer to release pressure on retainer rings before removal.
  3. Mount joint in vise so that ears on one yoke are supported on vise jaws.
  4. Using brass hammer, strike ear of yoke behind bearing to drive bearing out. Remove opposite bearing in same manner.
  5. Remove cross from yoke.
  6. Disengage and remove tie link from bearing block retainers. Remove retainers and roller bearing cups from cross. Remove bearing seals and seal retainers from cross.
  7. Clean tube yoke of propeller shaft with suitable cleaning solvent and dry thoroughly.
  8. Inspect yoke for wear and damage. If bent out of alignment with propeller shaft tube, or if bearing bores are worn or damaged, replace propeller shaft.


  1. If cross of universal joint has not been replaced, install four new seal retainers and bearing seals, one on each arm of cross.
  2. Install two roller bearing cup assemblies on opposite arms of the cross.
  3. Install bearing block retainer on each bearing cup, and connect retainers with the tie link to fasten bearings to cross.
  4. Thread remaining arms of cross, which do not carry bearings, into tube yoke.
  5. Position yoke in vise so the inner surface is supported by vise jaws.
  6. Using brass hammer, tap roller bearing cup assembly into bearing of yoke, so that bearing fits over end of cross. Drive bearing cup downward until retaining ring groove is fully exposed below yoke inner surface.
  7. Attach bearing to yoke using a retainer ring; be sure retainer ring is properly seated.
  8. Reverse yoke on vise and repeat steps (5) through (7), above, to install opposite bearing assembly.

That was straight from the mouth of Jeep. There is no blow-up of the joint in the book but it should be pretty clear once to tear into it.

Joe Schaefer
Nordland, WA USA
Tue, 18 Feb 1997

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