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Door Weatherstripping Part Numbers

Contributed By: John Locke

Window channel RunSJ front door windowJ5469507$25.78Bought to fit 85 GW Door
Door weatherstrip SealJ series Left front door55052549$59.35to fit 78 J-10
window scraper SealSJ right front inner door glassJ5761986$7.70to fit 85 GW door
window scraper SealSJ Left front inner door glassJ5761985$6.47to fit 85 GW door
Door weatherstrip SealJ series right front door55052550$59.35to fit 78 J-10
window scraper sealJ series outer door glassJ5761982$?to fit 85 GW

John Locke
78 J-10
Centreville, MS

Ed Note: The following are additoinal part numbers submitted by Coley who pieced this list together.

WX Strip "Window channel" Run, SJ front door window- J5469507 -Bought to fit 85 GW Door "Door Weatherstrip" Seal,
J series Left front door- #55052549 $59.35-to fit 78 J-10 "window scraper" Seal,
SJ right front inner door glass- J5761986 $7.70- to fit 85 GW door "window scraper" Seal,
SJ Left front inner door glass- J5761985 $6.47-to fit 85 GW door "Door weatherstrip" Seal,
J series right front door- 55052550 $59.35-to fit 78 J-10 "window scraper" seal,
J series outer door glass- J5761982 $? to fit 85 GW I am using 85 GW doors on my 78 J-10. Everything appears to be the same on both sets of doors except the latch
Left front door body to door w/s- 55052549
Right front door body to door w/s- 55052550

Side channels in the tailgate (felt/ rubber riveted to metal)- J5465084
Retainer for the regulator to channel studs- J0980363
Outside w/s at the base of the window- 55052566
Inside w/s at the base of the window- J5451573
Bottom channel/guide- J8130454

Glove box liner (cardboard)- J5459886. The glove box liner # is for '74-'85 FSJs

corner corner