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Vent Window Removal

Contributed By: Tom Collins



Remove the door trim panel and watershed.

Remove the window glass (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS)

Remove the glass slide channel along the top.

Remove the vent assembly attaching screws on the leading edge of the door frame and under the base of the vent waterseal.

Move the vent assembly toward the rear of the door, tipping it to clear the upper door frame.

Pull the ventilator assembly straight out until the upper attaching bracket is above the opening between the outer and inner door panels.

Rotate the vent assembly 90 degrees to position the lower attaching bracket on the run channel to clear the opening between the door panels.

Remove the vent assembly.



Position the vent assembly in the door.

Install the vent assembly attaching screws through the door frame.

Install the upper glass slide channel.

Install the door window glass.

Install the watershed and door trim.



Remove the door trim and watershield.

Remove the glass stop bracket.

Remove the lower division channel attaching bracket.

Remove the division channel upper bracket-to-door panel attaching screws.

Remove the lock rod guide bushing and push knob.

NOTE: Move the lock rod aside so the glass may be lowered to the bottom of the door.

Remove the screws attaching the remote control assembly to the door panel and lower to the bottom of the door. (This is what they are calling the handle that opens the door).

Lower the door glass and remove the retaining clip.

Lower the glass to the bottom of the door.

BIG NOTE HERE - They don't mention it but with electric windows you have to remove the entire motor/track assembly trhough the bottom of the door before you will be able to get the glass down to the bottom of the door panel. Found this out the hard way. Just disconnect the elec. connector, and remove the Torx screws that bolt the motor assmy & tracks for the window. About 6 - 8 screws from memory. A lot easier than it sounds. BTW, While its out is a good time to put some of that white grease lube on the track.

Push the lower end of the division channel toward the front of the door to release the glass from the channel.

Move the glass toward the front of the door to release it from the rear channel.

Rotate the glass vertically 90 degrees and guide it between the inner & outer door panels. (Lifts out the section where the window raises.

This all sounds rather complex but its not that bad. I've done it on my 85 GW and it doesn't take that long. Use the above as a guideline as I won't have access to a scanner for the shop drawings for a week. Moving my office & warehouse.

Tom C, Tampa, FL '85 GW nearing completion of restoration.
Fri, 4 Apr 1997

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