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Hood Latch Adjustment

Contributed By: Dennis "Doc" Fariello

Another in a series of quick and easy five minute fixes by "Doc"

This is the easiest, quickest way I've found to adjust the hood latch on my '85 J-10. All trucks with inside hood release ought to work about the same way, as far as I know.

Tools required:

  1. 11/16" open end wrench


  1. Open the hood, using whatever means necessary, such as, well, pulling the hood release, if it works, or a screwdriver, or in the case of Timex, pull the hood release, lift the left side of the hood, pull the hood release again, then lift the right side of the hood.
  2. Release safety catch and open hood.
  3. Locate on the grille crossmember the two springs and latches. Pull up on the spring to get at the nut on the latch rod, loosen nut VERY slightly.
  4. Repeat for other side
  5. Close hood GENTLY. This will cause the latches to self-align themselves. If you're way off on adjustment, you'll NEVER get the hood open, so DON'T FORCE IT! The weight of the hood should be almost sufficient to close it.
  6. Open hood
  7. If it opens correctly (it should), very carefully tighten the nuts you loosened, being very careful to not move the latches AT ALL.
  8. Test operation, repeat as/if necessary.

Dennis M. "Doc" Fariello
Orlando, FL
1 May, 1997

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