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Front Fender Removal / Replacement

Contributed By: Bill Kelsey

Here is the process for removing the fenders, from the TSM, which is what you need (Technical Service Manual, vol 3: Body; Zach Heisey on the FSJ-List sells reprints/copies of the TSM, and I believe I saw reprints/copies for sale somewhere else on the Internet -- do a search on "Jeep" and "Technical Service Manual").


  1. Remove front bumper.
  2. Remove headlamps to gain access through the openings.
  3. Reach through the headlamp opening and remove bolts and washers attaching fender to grille face panel [ie, the metal part behind the grille].
  4. Remove side marker lamp reflector lens and disconnect lamp socket assembly from lens.
  5. Remove bolts and washers attaching fender to grille face panel.
  6. Disconnect brace at fender.
  7. Remove bolts and washers attaching fender to rocker panel just below the hinge pillars.
  8. Remove bolts and washers attaching top of fender to fender apron [ie, front wheel well housing], hood hinge support bracket, and fender-to-dash panel bracket. (NOTE: Note the number and position of shims between fender and rocker panels so they can be assembled in the same position.)
  9. Open doors and remove fender from vehicle.
  10. Remove or disconnect all items attached to fender apron.
  11. Remove bolts and washers attaching fender apron to radiator support and two brackets on firewall.


  1. Spread sealer evenly over and along surfaces where fender and apron make metal-to-metal contact with other sheet metal parts.
  2. Install apron and fender in palce with finger-tightened bolts until all bolts and washers have been installed. Tighten all nuts and bolts.
  3. Install and reconnect all items removed from fender and apron, such as wirign harness, electrical components.
  4. Secure items, such as headlights, grille and front bumper, which were released or removed to facilitate removal of fender and apron.

Bill Kelsey
Aberdeen, SD
'79 widetrack Cherokee "S"

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