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Open Those Drains

Contributed By: Michael Baxter Paul Vee <> writes;

>> I found a new rust area tonight and was wondering if it was a
common one. the inside bottom front corner of my driver's door...the corner
is pretty bad. I didn't have time to look for too long, and I park my truck
blocks away by the Hudson River, so I can't check the passenger side door
now, but it looked like there's a vent-type opening in the frame that
shoots water right onto that door spot. does everyone have this? is there a
drainage tube that I could unclog that might help get rid of this water?

Paul, the doors on these things are usually not a big problem as long as
all the drains in the bottoms are kept clear. Looks like you had at least
one drain plugged up in your driver's door for sometime now :-).

I recommend checking all body drains once a year. The ones in the doors can
be found by looking at the bottom of the doors.

There are drains on FSJs in:

The front valance (body piece behind the front bumper)
rocker panels
bottom of the air box/cowl panels
bottom of the quarter panels behind the wheel houses (but not at
the bottom...I recommend drilling a drain or two at the very bottom)
on WTs in front of the wheel houses in the side panels

There are no factory drains in the bottom of the WTs (Wide-Track)
fender flares but, mother nature usually provides for drainage sooner or
This would make a good How To for somebody. I'm sure there some other
drains I'm overlooking?

-- Michael Baxter, From Reno, NV USA on 24-Feb-1998

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