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Rear Door Adjustment

Contributed By: Mike Ahlmann

The doors are adjusted at the hinge mounting points on the body or door.

Floating plates are located in the body pillars to permit adjustment up, down, in, or out. To adjust forward or back, add or remove shims between the hinge and door pillar.

Prior to any door adjustment or alignment, the adjustable striker must be removed to allow the door to close freely in proper alignment without striker interference.

The door striker is adjustable up, down, in, or out and can be shimmed forward or back to hold the door in the proper alignment position.

The door latch striker should be set so that the latch enters the striker without binding, yet provides secure retention for the lock and prevents up and down or in and out movement of the door.

In addition, the striker should be adjusted in or out to allow the door latch to be fully engaged. The door should be flush with the adjacent body panels.

Note: It is possible to set the striker in so far that the door is closed tightly but only the safety catch is engaged. This will prevent locking the door with the pushbutton lock rod.

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