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Body Lift Installation

Contributed By: Jason Rains

Regarding the body lift, It's from a Ford pick-up (year unknown, I bought it from the classifides unused). The kit comes with 14 -3" body mounts (pic 1)
that fit the jeep perfectly( although you only need 10) it has 4 long bolts (ford only) and10 shorter ones that fit and are the same thread. I didn't need to adjust anything except the tranny shift linkage "tsl". I had to cut holes in the body mount box channel in the rear (pic 2)
because the bolts inside had come off thier mounts and I used the old nuts in the very front because they are flanged (you wont be able to get any other nut to stay up in your wrench)(pic 3)
To do the procedure you do one side at a time,(pic 4)
making sure that your rad and tsl are disconected and that your brake master cyl lines have good coils. Then you take all the bolts off the one side you will start first and loosen the other side. Jack up the body until its seperated and put the new mounts on top of the old rubber ones, put the new bolts in and do them up (but not tight) then repeat on the other side, and tighten up all the bolts (I did about 35-40 foot pounds?). After, you will have to drill 2 new holes in your rad (pic 5)
to bolt it back on and lengthen your tsl (if you have a welder its easy)(pic 6).

Thats it, it took me about 2 hours with power tools.

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