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Axle Identification

Contributed By: Joe Schaefer (editor's note: from the AMC factory '74-'80 service manual)

The Rear Axle illustraded above is manufactured by American Motors and can be identified as follows:
8 7/8" Ring Gear LLD WLD
2.56:1 (16/41) W Nor Available
2.73:1 (15/41) AA DD
2.87:1 (15/43) C O
3.07:1 (14/43) X Y
3.15:1 (13/41) B P
3.31:1 (13/43) BB CC
3.54:1 (11/39) A N
3.91:1 (11/43) A N
4.10:1 (10/41) L M
For Axles manufactered by sources other than American Motors see Illustrations below:

corner corner