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Freon and Substitutes

Contributed By: Ed Pedersen

Here's the Reader's Digest version of R12 and it's derivatives

  • R12 has had it's production life extended by one year ( 12/97)

  • R406A: Drop in replacement for R12; 6-8% more efficient ( Evacuate system, change drier if required & re-charge with new freon)

  • MP39: Approx. 2-5% less efficient than R12 ( Evacuate system, purge system,change drier, replace current oil with alkabenzene-based oil: Can have a mix 10% old oil and 90% new oil; recharge system with MP39

  • H134A: TOTALLY incompatible with existing R12 systems. (Can not mix gases and even less than 1% oil contamination will cause constriction problems, leading to compressor failure)

Somebody responded that the replacement gas will ruin your sealed system; (I don't have the msg as I quickly blasted it into hyperspace- oops <grin>) I don't know which gas he refers to ( I think he means R406A), and I disagree with his statement, although I would be interested to know his reasons for thinking that.

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