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Bio's and Stats on the FSJ'rs in the Midwest

Greetings Joe!
Admiral "Coluch." reporting for duty!
Just wanted to drop you a line so you could rebuild the records for the midwest chapter.

Brian & Susan Colucci (Charter Members Midwest Chapter IFSJA)
Molly, the Golden Retriever
1989 360-V8
-- Edlrbrock 4 barrel on Edlebrock performer manifold
black / woody hull
cranberry interior

Star Base Docking in Dayton, Ohio

Until the next dimension
Admiral "Coluch."
End Transmission
Starfleet Headquarters
Ohio Post.........................................

Include me. I don't know how musn info you want. If you need more let me know.

Greg Beckman
204 Orlando
1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
Nickname: Sherman......As in the tank

Joe, here's my schpeel:

who: Mike Saltsgaver
phone: 618-842-6328
where: Fairfield Ill.
region: South eastern part of state

Jeeps: '80 Wagoneer Limited (with tow package, wood grain removed)
'83 J-10 Laredo (brush guard, roll bar w/ lights, am/fm/cb, factory chrome steel wheels, 31" tires).
'79 J-20 parts truck

Non-fsj: also have weakness for Studebakers, AMC's, Hudsons, Kaisers.

NAME: Eric J Christeson

OCCUPATION: Computer Science student at North Dakota State U in Fargo ND (close enough to MN, which is were I'm from)

JEEP: 1977 Cherokee Chief, 360 (being rebuilt), 4v, Th400, QT, low range (thanks Brad), 3.54 gears

PICTURES: My Cherokee

(You probably already have me down since I just communicated with you recently.)

Name: Julinda and Bryan Adams
FSJ: 1977 Wagoneer, yellow.  Not currently operational - awaiting repairs.
Home: (near) Loogootee IN

Hopefully we will have a computer at home in the not-too-distant future so Bryan can access this stuff too.

Julinda & Bryan

Gus Spaulding,
Bowling Green OH About 20 miles south of the great Toledo. 1978 J20. 304 (all I could find in a pinch). QT. Leaks, sqeeks, and creaks. Miss-matched pass. door. Tow package (3.73's, tranny cooler.) D44f, d60r. Almost a flat bed with a railroad tie for a bumper. Ugly.

Eric Knapp Columbus and Marietta Ohio (college student) '83 Cherokee Loredo w/t 360 auto selec-trac

My Name is Mike Dillon I live in Richfield MN, and currently have two fsj's. The first one is a 78 J-10 with 40K miles and zero rust, It stays home in the winter, actually I havent had the time to get it out for about the last 2 years. The other one is a 83 cherokee that I have had for ~ 3 months now, This one I am using as my daily driver, it replaced a 80 CJ-7 Mike

Hello Joe, Paul Adams here

I don't know what info you want but here goes...

Paul Adams, minister
married with 3 children
Berwyn IL
83 wagoneer, 360-2bbl, 229 tc, 84,000 miles

If you want more info on da jeep or me I would be happy to supply, let me know

                     Paul D, Adams
                     /|   |   | |     /
               /  /             /  /
               /__/             /__/

Hey Joe, do I still count? My Wagoneer is still in the Midwest!

1975 Wagoneer - purchased April 1997
AMC 360, 4 barrel carb, Jacobs Ignition System
Borg-Warner QuadraTrac with Low Range
Electric rear tail-gate window (working)
Relatively rust free
Mostly stock (for now)
In storage until I return

John Jacobs, 25 years old
Software Engineer currently living in Koblenz, Germany until Spring 1999
B.S. from Central Michigan University, 1994
Originally from Ortonville, Michigan
Lived in Royal Oak, Michigan (near Detroit) for 2 years before moving to Koblenz, plan to return there after
Not married, no kids
Girlfriend Carrie is still in the States

John Jacobs (in Koblenz, Germany)
75 Wagoneer (in Detroit, USA)

I want to be included in the Midwest IFSJA site.

Here is my information:
Jeff Hess
Edgerton, Minnesota

1988 Grand Wagoneer, 360, 727, Selec Trac, 145k miles, maroon metallic with tan leather interior
1970 Wagoneer, Buick 350, 3 on the tree, 73k miles, white with gray vinyl interior
my webpage is at
I am a Manufacturing Engineer at Fey Industries with a BS from South Dakota State University
I have a Sony Digital camera so I will be regularly updating the pictures on my WebPages

Here is my submission to the stats for the Midwest IFSJA members section.  There may be a picture to follow at a later date.

Personal Stats:

My name is Chad Henry. I live in Eastern Ohio with my wife, Rhonda. We are expecting our first child in the beginning of January, 1998. We are both originally from West Virginia, where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at WVU. We moved to Ohio for my work in 1995. Now for the important part; the truck!

FSJ Stats:

I have a 1983 Wagoneer Limited. It has 110,000 miles and is basically stock with the AMC 360 cid V8, TF727 tranny (rebuilt), and NP229 transfer case. My parents bought it a few years ago with 70,000 miles on the odometer. I bought it from them a year ago (1996) with 90,000 miles. They sold it to me because they found they weren't driving it enough to justify the cost of maintaining it. I use it as a daily driver. The only changes other than repairs and replacements I've made to it are a 2.5" exhaust with a Flowmaster muffler, a K&N air filter, LT235 75R 15 all terrain tires (to replace the crappy 225 all season white walls), and a CD player/speakers. Some of the emissions equipment got lost along the way :-)

Chad Henry

Go ahead and call me a Midwestern member. I'm in college, and move between Sioux Falls, SD and Harlan, IA right now. I've even got "kind of" a web page up, at

Eric Lusk(

Hey Joe, I wasn't sure if my name got on the list for the Midwest region. I know you asked that one night on chat. Anyways, here's the vitals:

Mike Booth
junior at Iowa State majoring in Transportation and Logistics
4208 harris st.
Ames, Ia 50014

'83 Wagoneer limited
copper exterior(no woodgrain), Tan interior
130,000 miles on it.

work done to it:
Rebuild tranny and transfer case(np228)
newer paint and body work
stripped interior behind the rear seat for build of tool chest and other racing essentials.

future projects:
Dana 44 rear end
MP manifold w/ holley carb. and cam set
porting and polishing of the heads
custom 3" exhaust

That should be more information than need. Quick unrelated question for you. What do you think is a good price for a 'yard Dana 44 rear end for this beast. The local 'yard wants $200 for one out of an '88 GW. I thought that was a bit high for a non-locking rear end. What do you think??

Mike Booth

Geof Woelm
'76 Cherokee Chief S "Esmerelda"
'81 J-10 Laredo "Mathilda"
Oconomowoc, WI
Sheboygan, WI (college)

My name is Joe Sego, and I own a 1979 Cherokee Chief, it's red with the blacked out top. This is my second Jeep, I also own a 1978 J-10 that has kindly volunteered itself to being a parts truck.

The Cherokee has the 360 2V, Turbo 400 tranny Quadra-trac 4wd. I have an edelbrock 4bl manifold to install once I find a decent carb for it.

The Cherokee has just about all options including;
3.51 gears, Dana 44's front & rear
cruise control
am/fm radio
intermittent wipers
it 'had' the electric rear glass
rear defogger
black vinyl stripping
push-out rear quarter windows
vinyl seats with Indian motiff
bucket seats with center armrest
15x8 white spoke wheels with center caps
roof rack
light bar
deluxe interior
sport steering wheel
trailer hitch
The only major option not included was air conditioning. No problem with that as I use this Jeep for plowing snow! It does a good job of plowing the 'white-stuff' and it's short wheelbase makes it easier for me to negotiaye tight spots.

About me-
I'm 48 years old, married 25 years and have six children. I'm a general contractor in Indianapolis. Been self-employed since 1985. I am still looking for a rust-free Cherokee wide track to restore to showroom condition. I want a nice one for a daily driver.

My home page is at

My name is Bruce Spencer. I own a 1981 cherokee Chief with the 258 I=6 and T-18 4 speed tranny. I am currently rebuilding the floors in this truck. Indiana winters and road salt have taken it's toll.

The Cherokee is faded red with black stripes. I use it primarily as a hunting/fishing vehicle. I've been known to use the rear compartment as a camper! I also pull a small fishing boat with it.

-as relayed by Joe Sego....Bruce's brother-in-law

Sorry I havent checked my E mail in awhile. Go ahead and include me on your list.

Nathan Davis
RR1 Box 163
Owensville, IN 47665
(812) 724-2906
68 Waggoneer "GREEN HORNET"

I live in Detroit. I would like to be included in the Midwest region.
I own an '89 Grand Wagoneer with some minor engine mods (Edelbrock Perforemer manifold, RV cam), and lots more planned.


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