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Technical Links

This is where you'll find links to technical articles of interest on other sites, or articles by folks not members of the IFSJA but of interest to FSJ owners.
Also contains links to specific pages of certain items manufactured by parts manufacturers. Kind of a catch-all section.

Willys Tech Talk
Willys Tech Discussion Board
They have a nice search engine for locating parts for FSJs (and all other auto makes).
This IFSJA Member builds custom fuel injection kits for AMC engines from GM parts. His name is John Wilson [TBIGUY on the IFSJA forums]
IFSJA ANZAC Chapter Tech Section
AMC V8 FAQ located on
Engine Noise Diagnosis 101
A Primer on the Jeep 258 with Carter BBD & Pulse Air Emission System by Dale Beckett The BEST All-inclusive, definitive, tech article on the 258 six's complete emissions control system
Howell EFI for Jeep 258 c.i. six cylinder engines
Holley EFI Systems
Bowling's Automotive Programs - the special page for those who are interested in automotive engineering and science!
Fuel Mileage Tips for carbureted vehicles.
Information on a remote overdrive
Australian Engine Info
4X4 NOW! "4-Wheeling How-To"
Home Dyno Kit
Edelbrock Manifolds for AMC Engines
Everything You Wanted to Know About Holley Projection
Allan Madar's Engine Preluber Article
Carter BBD Information
The AMX Files
Transmission Tech info on Off-Road.Com
York AC compressor tech
Easy Fix for 258 Six Idle Problem
Off-Road.Com's Jeep Tech
Metric Tire Size Conversion Chart
Axle Ratio/Tire Size Calculators
Calculators On-Line Center
Terry Howe's Jeep Transmission Conversion Page: T-98, T-18, and T-19
Split Rim Tire Repair
The Automotive Airconditioning Information Server
GM HEI Conversion for the AMC 4.2L (258 CI) I-6
Snake Oil Revisited
Everything You Wanted to Know About Jeep Hubs
Michael Baxter's List of V-8 Parts Interchangeability
Jeep 258 Performance Upgrades - 4.0 L Cylinder Head Conversion on 258
Diagnosing Driveline Problems
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