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Tayman Electrical

Sound Solutions for Classic Cars - they'll take your old radio and put modern guts in it, so you have modern tunes in your rig's original classic radio housing.

4X4 Another Dimension Off-Road

Hans Tore Tangerud's FSJ Ads

Outback Adventures

Car Trackers

The Jeep Graveyard

The Jeep Wave

Oregon Internet Properties

Classic Car Classifieds

Off-Roading in Colorado


The Automotive Encyclopedia

The Classic Truck Shop

Providing information services to the classic truck community

The Mining Company Guide to 4-Wheel Drive / SUVs

AMC Engine Performance stuff

American Motors - Project AMX

AMC Engine Performance stuff

Revell-Monogram Models

Allan Weidenheimer's Auto Links Page

Parts Locator

Automobile Parts Location Service

Trader On-Line

Vintage Military Films and Videos

Iron Horse - 4x4 Parts For Sale

The Ultimate Jeep Site

Walter Miller's Antique Automobile Literature


Eric Faust contributes some links for traction-aiding differential info:

Haynes Publications

Haynes Publications

Haynes Manuals
They've recently begun publishing a manual for SJ series Jeeps

Cabela's Outdoor Products


Picture Available Soon

Coleman Products

Hollister Hills SVRA

Dynatrac Products, Inc. presents

Four Wheelers' Guide to Axle Swapping and Building

Texas DOT Traffic Cams

American Motors Owners Association

[ Twister! - click here for movie clip]
Twister - The Web Site
The Warner Bros. Movie featuring a '79 J-truck. Click on the picture of the truck above to see a movie clip.

The 4x4 Web Page - courtesy of Dean Waters. Thisis a first-rate site, and well on it's way to being the WWWclearing-house for all things 4x4-related.

[ The AMX-Files ]

The AMX-Files - Sure, these guys are pretty distant cousins, butwho knows more about AMC V-8 engines? (Sorry, Kaiser-ites) There's not a whole lot of technical info on the page itself, but there'slots of source-type stuff tucked away in there.

[ Jeep Journal]

Part of the 4x4 4U Video Magazine Site

[ Jeep Journal]

Looking for a New or Used Car?

The Land-Use Network

Keep up with how they're taking fun spots away from us
Part off the Off-Road Web Site

Suffolk Scale Model Club

Looking for that hard-to-find SJ model? So are these guys, for us!
Check them out, and be sure to thank them for searching for us!

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Car Stuff

Car Stuff - Automotive Links Galore!

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