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Jim's 81 Cherokee Chief WARNING ! ! PIC HEAVY

So, 2 years ago I picked up this, since my 78's frame is shot.

'81 Cherokee Chief. Top is removable, (more on that later) but I have not had it off, as I dont have a place to store it yet.
Fender flares are extended height and width, P.O. used chunks from a rust queen to do it. After cleaning up the welds, I love that little mod. Most dont notice it till they look above the front tire and realize there's next to no "fender" there.

This one is from P.O. sale add.

Some minor mods, and got rid of the black.
Out on the trail.

And then it happened! Some idiot decided it needs rebuilt full on.

and the swaybar is disconected, the links are just hanging there behind it.
Needed everything out of the way for paint.

modified flares, removable top, OBA w/200psi tank,
LQ4, 4L80e,NWF doubler w/upside down 203
SOA w/ D44s F+R for now
H1 wheels+tires (cut), hydroboost brakes
custom shackle flip
W/F150 springs
-----Coming Soon-----
OX'd D60/14B-FF

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