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here goes again (I hit a wrong key and lost my post)

I know its been talked about in many posts here, but I have a specific question about I6-v8 conversion.

vehicle = '82 j10 Honcho, short box stepside
engine 360

I know about the tranny moving forward and longer driveshafts (I have a set out of a j20)

I know about the wiring harness and exhaust (both are going in new)

question is about the engine mount "horns", my I6 honcho has the horns welded on the frame, as did the '85 GW I just parted and scrapped

I went to my home town and theres a '76 j10 shortbox quietly becoming a rust turd (not there yet, but will be soon) and the front clip is off and its v8 horns are bolted on


1 - why the mix of Bolted vs welded

2 - are these bolted on "horns" relatively easy to find?

and an opinion

I have NOS front and rear bumpers, I am in the middle of a colour change to "Hunter Green", I was thinking about colour-keying the bumpers and rollbar to match the hunter green (currently front is chrome and back is white both with factory stickers still on them )

the vehicle is

360 with decent healthy cam +offenhauser 2x4 with twin carter 525carbs
3" suspension lift
M/T rims and goodyear ATS 33"
Gladiator front grill setup
auto with stock conv. (for now)
front dana 44 rear amc20 (ratios unknown)
GW leather power interior

intended use = tooling around town, towing AMX to drags, the odd trip down the 1/4 mile and maybe the dd 4x4g with daughter and her tj


ps. anyone know a source for class 5 trailer hitches for FSJ's?
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