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Golden Goose 07-03-2004 05:41 PM

Alright, i was looking on ebay at jeeps, and came across the 'transmachine' grand wagoneer, somebody mentioned it another post last week. anyway, ideas started running around my head that it might be nice to have a wag for taking long trips and such, since all i have are low geared pickups. so, my question: what transmission should that wagoneer have, and how hard would it be for me to put in a TH400/Q-trac setup that i have in a parts 1974? J-20?? i really don't need another project, but if it can be done without too many headaches and complaining neighbors/parents...

RoofPrints 07-03-2004 05:49 PM

I haven't heard about that particular rig, but a Grand Wag should have a 727 tranny. As for swapping to Q-trac, why? If you want it for freeway cruising and not serious wheeling, the GW should be perfect the way it is; the original luxury SUV, with shift-on-the-fly 4wd.

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Golden Goose 07-04-2004 02:04 AM

thanks for the info- my interest in that swap is for two reasons- 1) i have a TH400 that was bolted to a 360, so i'm guessing that will bolt up, but i have no idea if the wag's TC will bolt to a TH400. 2)i have heard that the full time 4x that Q-trac provides makes for good traction when (trying to) embarass those rice rockets that pull up next to you at traffic lights... my wheeling needs would be light, since i'll have the J3000 on the road soon.

Chevelleguy 07-04-2004 03:38 AM

The Quad rigs have offset rear diffs and the front diff is on the pass side. It would be cheaper and easier to just build the 727 that is in the Wag.

FSJnovice 07-04-2004 03:58 AM

If it is bad just check out the for sale area here and get one, there are some members that are near you with xtra parts could go that route.

Golden Goose 07-04-2004 06:15 AM

thanks for all the advice, folks. i have to find out more about my parking situation and then i'll see about getting another jeep... my main issue is whether i can get it roadable quickly-too much 'junk' and the parents get mad. :-(

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